Even though the names are different and the designs are also a little different,
wearable blanket, baby sleeping bag, and baby sleepsack are all basically the same.  
They all follow the same principal, replace loose blankets with a wearable bedding
product.  It is a great solution to help solve infants/babies sleeping problem and
safety, and a great way for SIDS prevention.  The baby sleeping bags available
currently consists of the ones from Halo Innovation, Grobag, and Carter's.  SilkSac,
however, is unique in many ways that make it different from other baby sleeping
bags in the market.

SilkSac is has three main differences from other baby sleeping bags:

1.     Can Be Used Year Round:
    There are many types of sleeping bags on the market today, some sleepsacks
    such as Halo sleepsack are made of micro-fleece, some baby sleeping bags
    such as Grobag are made of cotton with polyester filling, and some baby
    sleeping bags even use goose down filling.  The problems are these sleeping
    bags are either too warm for summer, or not warm enough for winter.  SilkSac
    is the only baby sleeping bag that allows for year round, eliminating the need
    to buy different sleeping bags due to season and weather change.  SilkSac with
    silk batting can be used in the nursery with temperature as low as 50°F, while
    SilkSac without silk batting can be used in the nursery with temperature up to

2.     Made Of 100% Natural Material
    Most baby sleeping bags consist of man made materials such as micro-fleece
    and polyester filling.   SilkSac cover is made from 100% cotton fabric and the
    removable SilkSac batting is filled with 100% silk floss, which are 100% natural
    and hypoallergenic.  Sleepsack from Halo Innovation and carter's are make of
    either micro fleece or cotton jersey.  The problem with these sleepsack is the
    fact that they are not warm enough for cold winter nights.  Grobag, the most
    popular baby sleeping bag in UK, has many different degrees of warmth
    available.  The only drawback with Grobag is it uses polyester filling, not nearly
    as comfortable, as warm, and as beneficial as SilkSac's silk floss filling.  You can
    also find baby sleeping bags with down filling.  There are a lot of problem with
    using down filling in bedding, but most importantly its unbreathable nature as
    described next.

3.     Breathable Material
    It is known that fleece fabric, polyester filling, and goose down filling do not
    provide good air circulations, which could cause overheating to the baby.  It is
    worth noting that overheating is another cause of SIDS.  SilkSac does not
    have the overheating problem.  The layering system of the silk batting and its
    cotton cover allow air to circulate, release excess heat though its silk floss
    layers, and therefore regulate baby's body temperature so the baby will never
    get too hot.

You can also read more about the
benefits of SilkSac.
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2.  How is SilkSac different from other baby sleeping
bags/wearable blanket/sleepsack?