About SilkSation

SilkSation is found by a group of moms, moms who have
experienced midnight wakings to check if baby’s blanket is kicked
off or is over the baby’s face.  We understand new mother’s
frustrations and fear, that’s how we created SilkSac, a silk filled
baby sleeping bag.  SilkSac is an innovative baby sleeping bag
allowing our babies to sleep safe and sound, giving parents a
peace of mind, and at the same time, allowing babies to have the
advantages of natural silk filled bedding.  

Silk filled bedding products are widely used in Asia, but most
people in United Stated do not even know what a silk comforter is.  
Because silk filled bedding products have so much advantages, we
started SilkSation LLC to make our product available to everyone in
United Stated.  Every parent can have the opportunity to provide
the best to their precious newborns and keep them safe at the
same time.  Our goal at SilkSation is to educate everyone the great
comforts and benefits of silk filled bedding.  We are dedicated to
providing the best silk filled bedding products to babies, children,
and everyone in the family at affordable prices.  We also continue
to improve and explore new and innovative products.
Why are our price so low?  As parents, we know that raising children creates a financial burden for the
family.  So we sell at a very low profit margin so every parent can afford to get the best bedding
product for their children and themselves.  We are confident that after purchase and using our product,
customers will come back and purchase more from us.
SIlkSac Baby Sleeping Sack
Natural Silk Children's Bedding
Natural Silk Bedding
baby 2
SilkSation - Natural Silk Bedding
We work with our designers to create the best products that are not only beneficial, but practical and
affordable.  To name a few, we offer natural
silk comforters with 100% natural soft cotton cover, which
is not only a perfect combination with the silk floss filling, but help reduce the cost of silk comforters
substantially so everyone can afford one
and enjoy the comfort and added benefit of being
hypoallergenic.  Our
SilkSac is an unique baby sleeping bag that combines the idea of a sleep sack and
silk comforter to bring you the maximum benefit for your baby.  Our
crib bedding sets come with an
oversized silk comforter that your toddler can use. See our
Kids/Baby Corner for more detail.
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